Cardiorespiratory Exercise


The warm-up portion of the workout should gradually increase the heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen consumption, dilation of the blood vessels, and the heat produced by the active muscle group.

For the most effectiveness of the cardiorespiratory exercise and safety, the program must include specific instructions on the mode, frequency, duration, and intensity of the exercise.

Cardiorespiratory Exercise

Cardiorespiratory exercise is based on four different activity criteria.

  • Mode of exercise (exercise that is cardiorespiratory in nature)
  • Frequency (exercise sessions per week)
  • Duration (number of minutes of exercise per session)
  • Intensity (speed or workload of exercise)


The cool-down portion of the workout is to slowly decrease the heart rate and overall metabolism.  Both have been elevated during the conditioning phase.  The length should be proportional to the intensity and duration of the workout.


The cool-down portion should be followed by several minutes of stretching those muscle groups active in the conditioning phase.


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  1. moxiewellness Says:

    Warm up, cool down and stretching are the most basic steps most people forget about. Good Reminders!

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